Looking For Staff

Lighting Balcony PhotoFinding staff to work on your show can frequently be a pain, especially finding designers and techies that are familiar with a particular space. Unique spaces, such as The Factory Theatre, can be extra difficult to find quality staff that know what they are doing. We have started a list of Friends of The Factory, designers, stage managers, carpenters, and other staff who we know-know their stuff!


*Please feel free to contact any of them directly and independently of The Factory Theatre.

Greg Jutkiewicz:                                        Sarah Simons:
           -Lighting Designer                                             -Stage Manager
           -Master Electrician                                            -House Manager
           -Sound Designer                                                -Producer extraordinaire.

People at desks

Greg has designed lighting in Boston since 1997, when he co-designed for Threshold Theater’s award winning Vita andVirginia. He has designed over a hundred shows in The Factory Theatre (and its predecessor theatre companies) since 1999. Greg owns all of the lighting equipment in the theatre, so he better know how to use it.

More friends of The Factory Theatre, coming soon