Rent The Factory Theatre’s *New* Rehersal Studio

Starting November 1, 2008

The Factory Theatre will be renting our new Rehearsal Studio on an hourly rental for auditions, rehearsal, workshops, etc.


*For more information and availability email: info@thefactorytheatre.orgTheatre Room

Theatre View






The Factory Theatre is rapidly becoming one of the most popular small theatre rental spaces in Boston. Affordable rentals are available by the hour or by the week. Please contact us at617-817-6600, or by email at for availability and rates.


49 Seat House Flexible Seating Arrangements
Lighting and Sound Equipment Included High Ceiling
Exposed Brick Walls 
Green Room 
Backstage Storage 
Production Office
Tech Booth Loft
Marketing Support on 
Landscaped Courtyard 
Adaptable Lobby
****Air Conditioning**** NEW

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Click to view the  Ground Plan and Curtain Plot